Step 1. Download the Nordot WordPress Plugin

Step 2. Connect Nordot Account with WordPress (Republishing from Others)

Step 3. Start Republishing

Automatically republish stories on WordPress



Widget on any publishing platform

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Repost on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin

Advanced choice

Use RSS or API (advanced)

✋ In order for you to earn your revenue share as a Republisher (Curator), you must include your Curator ID as a parameter in a story’s URL that you’re curating, which looks like this: https://this.kiji.is/(Story ID)?c=(Your Curator ID) Example: [<https://this.kiji.is/1234567890?c=9876543210>](<https://this.kiji.is/1234567890?c=9876543210>) You can locate your Curator ID from here I cannot find my media ID and token